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Outdoor Kitchen & Fire Features

Outdoor Living Features & Elements

Imagine entertaining in an outdoor setting that is as beautiful and functional as the indoors. That's just what outdoor living elements bring to the table! Whether you choose outdoor kitchens with fireplaces, or water features and lighting, we have all the elements you need to transform your outdoor space into a retreat for family gatherings or evening relaxation. Our experienced designers and installers specialize in sophisticated outdoor living designs that create unforgettable memories for your guests. Let us help you personalize the perfect outdoor feature to fit your individual lifestyle!

Outdoor Kitchen Elements & Fire Features

Built-In Grill Islands

Built-In Grill Islands are becoming a must-have for outdoor entertaining. Not only do they provide an elegant, modern look to any outdoor space, they also offer tremendous convenience with minimal effort. With their numerous built-in features such as gas and charcoal grills to pellet smokers and kamado ovens, these islands take backyard barbecuing to the next level. Furthermore, rich granite or limestone countertops keep maintenance low and increase the overall aesthetic of any outdoor space! For the sophisticated griller looking to elevate the art of al fresco cooking, a Built-In Grill Island is the perfect choice.

Serving Island

An outdoor serving bar can give your outdoor entertainment space a unique touch. Not only do they provide an excellent place to serve drinks and snacks, but they are also a stylish element of outdoor decor. You can find outdoor serving bar islands in all sorts of designs, from free standing units to ones attached to the grill area. The best part is that you can customize them according to your entertaining needs. With a host of amenities like built-in refrigerator, ice makers beverage coolers and even outdoor sinks available, these islands are perfect for hosting a variety of events at your home.

Grill Nooks & Smoker Shelves

Grill nooks and smoker shelves are gaining popularity among outdoor chefs, who are looking to upgrade their grilling game. Grill nooks not only provide a designated safe spot to store your charcoal or gas grill, they also look aesthetically pleasing and can be seamlessly blended into your existing outdoor space. For those looking for something more adventurous, smoke shelves provide beautiful outdoor cooking areas with a next-level smoky flavor that will make your friends and family wonder how you achieved such perfection in the backyard.

Outdoor Fireplace

Snuggling up in front of an outdoor fireplace provides a unique experience not found anywhere else. With decorative choices ranging from stone to metal, you can customize your fireplace to reflect your personality and match the decor of your outdoor space. The feeling of sitting outdoors with a roaring fire providing warmth is second to none, adding a cozy ambiance to your backyard patio or garden. Preparing snacks and drinks around an outdoor fireplace is an activity that friends, family and neighbours will love doing all year round. Enjoy the pleasure of being surrounded by flames and bask in their warmth with the purchase of an outdoor fireplace today!

Wood Burning Fire Pits

Wood burning fire pits provide a unique and mesmerizing way to light up a backyard gathering. Not only do they provide warmth and ambiance, but they also have an age-old feeling that can't be replicated with any other type of fire pit. The beauty of watching the flames lick the air and dancing on the logs is unparalleled - it's like having your own personal campfire! It's easy to see why people love to gather around these enjoyable and beautiful structures in their yards or on their patios. With its classic charm coupled with innovative smokeless wood burning options, fire pits are sure to bring comfort and joy into everyone's outdoor space for many years to come.

Gas FireTables

Gas fire tables combine the warmth, beauty and comfort of traditional fire pits with the convenience and minimal effort of an outdoor gas appliance. They provide a soothing atmosphere to any outdoor living space and can be used year-round, even in colder months. Many models come with adjustable heat settings so you can easily control the temperature, plus they're easier to light and maintain than their wood-burning counterparts. With their versatile design options, you can choose one that fits your style perfectly, whether it’s modern, classic or even a rustic style. So create a warm atmosphere for all your friends and family to enjoy around the cozy flames of your gas fire table!

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